Support a National Suicide Prevention Strategy

In support of the need for a National Suicide Prevention Strategy, the Centre for Suicide Prevention is including information in this email regarding a Private Members Bill by Member of Parliament, Harold Albrecht. Mr. Albrecht believes that the bill will go to second reading and be debated in February. We are asking that you review the notice (click here to view) and petition (click here to view) and if you feel that you can put your support behind this effort we urge you to do so.
As you see in the notice attached from CASP-ACPS they would like to hear from you as well.  As CASP-ACPS states, “We have never been so close to having a national suicide prevention strategy and we need to give this one more solid push to see it through. Parliament and the Government of Canada need to hear from all of us so please take just a few minutes and send your message to Ottawa. If possible we would be grateful to receive a copy of your letter of support, which can be sent to us at [email protected].”