If someone you know:

  • threatens suicide
  • talks about wanting to die
  • shows changes in behaviour, appearance, or mood
  • abuses drugs and/or alcohol
  • deliberately injures themselves
  • appears depressed, sad, withdrawn…

You can help!

  • stay calm and listen
  • let the person talk about their feelings
  • be accepting- do not judge
  • ask if the person is having suicidal thoughts
  • take all threats of suicide seriously
  • do not swear secrecy- tell someone

Get help- you can’t do it alone.

Contact your:

  • family, friends, relatives
  • clergy, teachers, counsellors
  • family doctor
  • local or national crisis lines
  • mental health services
  • hospital emergency department

Click here for a wallet-sized card with these instructions. 

Click here for a list of crisis centres worldwide

Please note, the Centre for Suicide Prevention is not a crisis centre, we are an education centre. Please contact a crisis centre if you or someone you know is in distress.