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    Centre for Suicide Prevention (CSP) has received a Training for Trainers Application from your employee. They have indicated that they will train for you, their employer. Please read the T4T Application Information and agree to the terms below.

    Some useful definitions

    • Full Status Trainer designation upon successful completion of T4T, mentorship, and required workshops.
    • Mentors are Full Trainers who take on the role of mentoring Provisional Trainers.
    • Provisional Trainer Status is the designation given upon completion of T4T prior to attaining Full Trainer Status.
    • System Trainers vs Community Trainers: System Trainers facilitate workshops internally for their own organization. Community Trainers facilitate workshops independently, outside of their organization.

    About Mentorship

    All Provisional Trainers will be assigned to work with a Mentor.
    A Mentor’s role is to:

    • help the Provisional Trainer prepare for their first workshop;
    • help the Provisional Trainer apply the content;
    • support the Provisional Trainer in-person, via phone, and/or video conferencing;
    • provide an opportunity to practice the delivery of certain sections of the workshop;
    • provide feedback and recommendations; and
    • submit an evaluation of the Provisional Trainer to CSP.

    The mentorship program is designed to help Provisional Trainers apply the knowledge they gain in the T4T classroom.

    The mentorship program is designed to help Provisional Trainers to apply the knowledge they gain in the T4T classroom. Typically, a Provisional Trainer completes 1 mentorship before facilitating a workshop independently. In unusual circumstances, a Mentor may recommend that a Provisional Trainer take more time preparing before delivering the workshop, or recommend further mentorship. In very rare and extenuating circumstances, it may be recommended that a Provisional Trainer discontinue with the program. Should this happen, CSP will review the matter thoroughly and make a decision based on their review. Any further costs associated with the recommendations will be the responsibility of the Provisional Trainer.

    What happens after the T4T?

    After the T4T your employee will be a Provisional Trainer. Once successfully completing 1 mentored workshop (2 if deemed necessary by their Mentor) and 1 workshop independently in the year after the training, they will become a Full Status Trainer with CSP. In order to maintain their certification, they will need to facilitate a minimum of 1 workshop per year.

    In their first workshop, their Mentor will support them throughout the workshop and provide feedback.

    Additional information

    All Trainers, regardless of their employer, sign a Trainer Agreement (contract) with CSP. This Agreement, and corresponding Trainer Certificate, formalize the relationship between Trainers and CSP. Trainers take this certificate with them should they change employers. In light of this, some sponsoring organizations choose to broker an Agreement of Commitment with their employee so that conditions of repayment are understood should they terminate their employment. This is not required by CSP, it is a completely optional contract between your organization and your employee.

    My employee is attending the following Training for Trainers (T4T) session(s):(Required)


    Total T4T cost: $1400
    Non-refundable deposit of $500 due at time of application
    Save $400 in total with the purchase of both the Small Talk and Looking Forward T4Ts
    Total cost for both T4Ts: $2400

    Systems Organizer Workshop Costs

    These fees apply for each workshop facilitated within your organization both during the Trainer certification period and ongoing after Full Status Trainer certification.
    Workshop Fee: $1000 per workshop (This covers quality assurance processes, licensing, and administration fees.)
    Participant Kits (Workshop Materials) Fees: $30 per kit; Minimum 5, maximum 30 per workshop.
    Note: No returns for credit.

    Employer Name(Required)
    Employee Name(Required)
    Employer agreement(Required)

    I understand the commitments that will be asked of my employee as a Trainer. I believe that they possess the necessary qualifications to become a Trainer. We have had the time to consider their decision and they have freely chosen to participate. This email indicates my acceptance of the principles and conditions in the attached document. I agree to work toward adoption of the Centre for Suicide Prevention’s policies and procedures to ensure that our organization is able to take advantage of this training.