We’re co-hosting the 30th Annual Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention (CASP) Conference alongside the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) Edmonton.

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Presenters from across Canada and around the world will be coming to speak about suicide prevention and this year’s theme, Reconciliation: Honouring the Other.  This theme forefronts the need to heal relationships to drive connectedness, a key underpinning of suicide prevention. Whether we are focused on individual relationships, engaging with priority populations or fueling the suicide prevention network across Canada, reconciliation and honouring is needed.

As the conference dates approach, we are pleased to begin announcing our keynote speakers. We have been working hard to bring keynote speakers who are passionate about suicide prevention to share their unique ideas, innovative programs and impactful stories to the conference.

Dr. Andrea Murphy and Dr. David Gardner will be joining us as keynote speakers at the CASP Conference. They will talk about the role of community pharmacy in suicide prevention. Everyone has a role to play in suicide prevention, and pharmacists have a unique touch point with people who may be struggling with thoughts of suicide. 

Dr. Andrea Murphy (@murphyal) is an Associate Professor, College of Pharmacy, Dalhousie. She is cross appointed to Nursing and Psychiatry at Dalhousie. Dr. Murphy’s program of research primarily focuses on the development, implementation, and evaluation of interventions to change behaviour in mental illness and addictions care. She has used both quantitative and qualitative approaches to intervention design, implementation, and evaluation. Dr. Murphy maintains a practice license and works clinically with an interdisciplinary team as a clinic pharmacist at the Dalhousie School of Social Work Community Clinic.

Dr. David Gardner’s research covers pharmacoepidemiology, safe and effective use of psychotropic medications, and program development and implementation in mental health and addictions services in primary care with a focus on pharmacists’ roles and services. With Dr. Andrea Murphy, he has co-developed More Than Meds, the Bloom Program, Headstrong – Taking Things Head-On, and Sleepwell. They are investigating the role of community pharmacies in suicide prevention strategies. He has 100 peer reviewed publications and is the author of Antipsychotics and Their Side Effects. Recognitions include multiple teaching awards, the 2012 Canadian Pharmacists Association Pharmacist of the Year award, and in 2017 was identified as a CAMH Difference Maker in its 150 Leading Canadians for Mental Health campaign. Dr. Gardner balances his scholarly work with regular community outreach, advocacy, and clinical activities. 

Dr. Murphy and Dr. Gardner’s participation at CASP is made possible by the generosity of the Alberta College of Pharmacy.