Recently, a Calgary teen has brought it to the attention of the public that online retail company Amazon has been selling inappropriate and insensitive t-shirts that “poke fun” of people with mental illness and suicidal ideation. 

CSP has written a response to the story: 
“We agree with Maggie Harder that these t-shirts are disrespectful to those with mental illness. Presumably, the shirts are being sold for their shock value, which unfortunately speaks to the taboo suicide still holds in our society, as it is still stigmatized to the extent of being seen as shocking. 

We encourage freedom of expression, but we suggest that the shirt’s producers and Amazon reconsider their decision to sell the shirts both in the interest of sensitivity towards those with mental illness and so as not to perpetuate the stigma surrounding suicide.

It is important to discuss suicide in an open forum, but this discussion should be educational and break down the stigma instead of perpetuate it.”

The original story can be viewed here – Amazon suicide shirt sales prompts Calgary teen to take actionCBC
Jan. 7, 2016