We’re happy to announce CSP Board Member Bill Bone has received the Governor General’s Caring Canadians Award! 

Bill has volunteered as a Board Director for CSP since 2006. His tenure began shortly following the tragic loss of his daughter Melissa to suicide. Out of his personal grief, Bill has dedicated countless hours to our organization in many roles. From advising at a governance level to advocating for funding at a business level to contributing on an operational level, Bill’s steadfast commitment and gentle nature have furthered CSP’s
growth, reach and influence.

We have been
privileged to have Bill speak for our organization on several occasions. In
2012 he was the Master of Ceremonies for our Suicide Prevention Symposium: It’s Everybody’s Business and in 2013 he
courageously shared his personal story, together with son Andrew, at our
inaugural World Suicide Prevention Day stakeholder breakfast. Whether
addressing large groups or small gatherings, Bill speaks with compassion and
conviction. His down-to-earth, unassuming nature resonates with everyone,
particularly those who have lost loved ones to suicide and those who work with
the vulnerable.

We are humbled by
Bill and his commitment to suicide prevention. We cannot think of anyone more
deserving or this award: a more Caring Canadian. 

Bill Bone with Her Majesty Sharon Johnston, C.C. (wife of the Governor General David Johnston)


Bill Bone (far right) with other Caring Canadian Award Winners


From left: Diane Yackel, Executive Advisor; Bill Bone, CSP Board Member; Mara Grunau, Executive Director